Rent Portable Restroom Trailers

For those times when an ordinary portable restroom won’t cut it for your specific needs, consider setting up a portable restroom trailer instead. ChemCan offers luxurious restroom trailers made to look better than most standard restrooms and residential bathrooms. Our modern restroom trailers offer running water, flushable toilets, and air conditioning for those harsh weather conditions.

In addition, we offer eight different trailer sizes to choose from. Each trailer comes fully equipped and is sure to upgrade your event. Attendant services are available for ensuring freshness and supplies in your portable restroom trailer. Call us to reserve your trailer today!

Our Portable RestRoom Trailer Floor Plans

Our Portable RestRoom Trailer Floor Plans


Our portable restroom trailers offer a restroom for every budget. With eight different floor plans available, your special event, work event or wedding is guaranteed to be comfortable, any where. Contact us to discuss your next event with ChemCan