Portable Hand Washing Station Rentals

Chem-Can's portable hand wash stations come in a gray finish that hides scratches and scuffs. In addition, our hand wash stations offer the cleanliness of a hands-free foot pump, which can be located in an alcove — eliminating exposure to foot traffic potential wasted resources at your job site or event.

Portable handwashing stations don’t have the best reputation, mainly because they aren’t always the most hygienic. ChemCan seeks to change that by offering quality stations that look great and are 100 percent sanitary. No longer do you have to cringe at the sight of a questionable handwashing station.

Depending on your needs and location, your hand washing station can be serviced regularly or at your request. This service stop includes stock, refilling and ensuring the cleanliness of your portable hand wash station rental. Convenient hand sanitizer is available as well.

These wash stations offer dual soap dispensers for convenience. The best part? Gray water collects inside a separate vessel inside the wash station — so you never have to worry about disposal!