Portable Restroom Rental FAQs

How many portable restrooms do I need for my job site that has 55 workers?

According to American National Standards Institute you’ll need 6 portable restrooms if all workers maintain an eight hour work day, and 40 hours a week. Call Chem-Can today and we can tell you exactly what your needs will be.

How many portable restroom units do I need for my outdoor event?

The first determinant is the number of guests that are in attendance. For example, if your event will have 250 people for 5 hours, you’ll need 3 portable restrooms. As the attendance and the durations of the event increase, so will the number of portable restrooms. Also, the serving of alcohol increases the units required by 13%.

Restroom trailers are in high demand, how soon should I book my trailer in advance?

It’s never too early to secure your trailer for your event. Call us today to check availability.

How soon can Chem-Can deliver my portable restroom units to my job site?

Chem-Can delivers all of units by the end of the next day when scheduled. We’ve found that fast, professional service is what most contractors want so we make it a priority to get you what you need on a timely basis.

Does Chem-Can offer same day service?

Yes, Chem-Can can deliver portable restroom units to your job site on a same day service basis.

What if I already have portable restrooms and they need to be serviced immediately, does Chem-Can offer emergency service?

Yes, in all cases Chem-Can can usually divert one driver from his appointed route to accommodate your needs on an emergency basis.

What is the service area for Chem-Can’s portable restrooms?

Chem-Can serves Western, North Western and Central Oklahoma.