Portable Restroom Rental FAQs

How many portable restrooms do I need for my job site that has 55 workers?

According to American National Standards Institute you’ll need 6 portable restrooms if all workers maintain an eight hour work day, and 40 hours a week. Call Chem-Can today and we can tell you exactly what your needs will be.

How many portable restroom units do I need for my outdoor event?

The first determinant is the number of guests that are in attendance. For example, if your event will have 250 people for 5 hours, you’ll need 3 portable restrooms. As the attendance and the durations of the event increase, so will the number of portable restrooms. Also, the serving of alcohol increases the units required by 13%.

Restroom trailers are in high demand, how soon should I book my trailer in advance?

It’s never too early to secure your trailer for your event. Call us today to check availability.

How soon can Chem-Can deliver my portable restroom units to my job site?

Chem-Can delivers all of units by the end of the next day when scheduled. We’ve found that fast, professional service is what most contractors want so we make it a priority to get you what you need on a timely basis.

Does Chem-Can offer same day service?

Yes, Chem-Can can deliver portable restroom units to your job site on a same day service basis.

What if I already have portable restrooms and they need to be serviced immediately, does Chem-Can offer emergency service?

Yes, in all cases Chem-Can can usually divert one driver from his appointed route to accommodate your needs on an emergency basis.

How much does a porta potty rental cost?

It depends on how far our service vehicles need to drive and how often you would like your unit to be serviced. We can customize your service package to suit your needs. Please call us for more details.

What areas can customers get porta potty service?

We can deliver, service and pick up porta potties in most of Oklahoma. We can deliver, service and pick up porta potties 75 miles away from Dallas and 75 from Fort Worth. We can deliver, service and pick up porta potties 75 miles away from Houston and we have added service for Beaumont.

What is the average service or delivery turnaround time?

Depending on your needs, generally, we can provide portable sanitation delivery in less than 48 hours. Exceptions apply, so please call us to get up-to-date information.

How can I pay for my portable toilet or restroom trailer rental?

We accept all major credit cards and also can invoice your company if that is preferred.

How often is my porta potty serviced?

We offer different service frequencies, depending on your needs. At minimum once a week and at maximum our porta potties are serviced twice daily. Call us to arrange a rental and set a service schedule that best suites your needs.

I'm having a wedding or a high class event- how can you help me?

We offer restroom trailers that feature ventilation, countertops like we've come to expect at high class venues and attendant services. Our customers how are throwing big event or weddings prefer these arrangements. Call us for more details.