Construction Site Toilet Rental

You work hard to keep your construction job on schedule, and ChemCan works equally as hard to meet your every requirement for portable restrooms so your workers can work as efficiently as possible. Our industry partnerships and experiences allow us to take care of your portable restroom needs.

Whether your project is a multi-family housing project, or the demolition and rebuilding of a large building, Chem-Can has the certification and commercial expertise to become your only provider of portable restroom sanitation.

Why choose Chem-Can for your job site?

Chem-Can is a member of the PSAI (portable sanitation association international) which has helped lead the way in an industry standard. This not only insures quality to our customer but a safe work place and ecofriendly practices, from more environmentally safe chemicals to training in all hazards that are present in and on job sites. Our management has gone through the rigorous training program and have been certified by the PSAI in all aspects of portable sanitation.

Chem-Can works diligently to align with Green and Eco Friendly business practices. If your job site is seeking LEED certification, Chem-Can is able to assist with solution that are compliant with industry standards.